Ethereal Apocalypse

This is a campaign that is set within our world, however, different from ours it has had a fantasy world forced into it. The old fantasy world and ours became too closely related to each other in its lands and buildings, causing it to have many of its creatures, magic, and danger come into our world. Set hundreds of years after this cataclysm, many of the people of this world have banded together into camps, using an item bartering system, rather than using currency in trade. Much of the world is unsafe, but adventurers and mercenaries still go out to collect goods, food, and other necessities. 

The Ethereal plane is a dangerous place that is a medieval mirror of our world, and much of its magical items and treasure remains, however, many of the creatures that were too powerful to be forced out remain within it as well.

Ethereal Apocolypse

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