Ethereal Apocolypse

Here and Now
Within the Central Station Encampment

The Central Station Haven was a sizable camp created within a subway station. The railways had been blocked off after too many attacks came from them. The stairway into the tunnels became the only way inside, and that was constantly guarded by armed guards

Much of the haven is filled with immigrants and traders, but it has less electronics due to the lack of gas or ways to power such luxuries. Many of the maintenance tunnels remain open so that the station can operate comfortably, and so that they can restore original function if the opportunity arises.

A bounty hunter named Matthew Mccreed came to the entrance of this camp. His revolver in its holster, he approached the guards after they waved him over.
“Name?” One of the guards asked. Matthew smirked at the semantics behind the questions.
“Matthew.” He replied.
“And surname?” The guard questioned.
“Mccreed.” Matthew said simply.
“And what’s your business here, Mccreed?” The guard ask with a hint of suspicion.
“I’m just here to resupply. Have some trading to do.” He replied.
The guards parted for him and waved him through, Matthew tipped his hat in thanks and went down the stairs into the station.

As Matthew was on his way down, another man came was coming up to the entrance. This man was a scavenger named Mal’Ganis Geh’Draxias, he was a dark tiefling that knew his way around the Central Station Haven. He came up to the entrance when the guards waved him over as well.
“Name?” They asked
“Well, my name is Mal’Ganis.” he said, knowing all too well that they knew who he was.
“Surname?” They asked
“Geh’Draxias.” Mal’Ganis replied.
“What’s your business here?” He asked.
“Well, I’m here to do some trading, as well as some business.” He said explaining.
The guards looked at each other for a moment.
“We’re going to have to search you for illicit items and contraband. Please step over here.” The guards said, motioning to the side of the entrance. Mal’Ganis begrudgingly did so. He put his backpack down, as they had him put his hands up on the wall, feet apart to check for hidden items, and they checked inside his backpack.
All of his items were given back, except for a gallon of ale.
“We are going to have to seize this as contraband.” The guard said simply.
“Why? This seems a little bit like a shakedown” Mal’Ganis said.
The guard went up to him and leaned in.
“You’re lucky we don’t seize all of it. Now do you want to go in, or not?” He asked, trying to intimidate Mal’Ganis.
“Fine.” he said with a huff, then headed down into the station.

As Mal’Ganis came down, he saw a man leave the lobbyist, and head in. The lobbyist beckoned Mal’Ganis over in a friendly manner. He head over to where she was.
It was a human woman sitting at a desk just to the side of the bottom of the stairs. On the desk was an old computer from the pre-cataclysm era. To either side of the desk was a guard leaning against a side of the arch that the desk was under.
“Name?” She asked him.
“Mal’Ganis” He said, and she began clacking a few keys at her computer.
“How do you spell that in English?” She asked. Though Mal’Ganis was used to speaking in common, he did know the English language, as did most people within Manhattan.
He spelled it out for her, and she typed it in.
“And surname?” she asked, looking up from the computer screen as she did.
“Geh’Draxias.” He said, then began spelling it out before she could ask.
“And what is your business here?” She asked.
“Trading.” He replied shortly.
“And do you know how long you will be staying? Is this just a quick stop? Or will you be staying for longer than a week?” She asked.
“Uh, I haven’t completely decided, but it will be at least one day.” He said.
“Okay, I will put it down as undetermined. Just see me on your way out if it is within a week, or let me know that you will be staying longer once a week is up.” She said.
Mal’Ganis nodded, and then left. He went straight towards the bathroom.

The Apocalypse
When Beasts Attack, Where Will You Be?

A taxi driver named Marvin Devins was driving his taxi in the streets of New York, a passenger wanted to be brought downtown from the metro, but Marvin couldn't see why as they were in gridlock traffic. They had been stuck behind a bus for more than a block, he had just been waiting for an opening to present itself, but now he was growing impatient. He looked as a car in front of him and to his right pulled up a bit, and he took this opportunity to wedge his front bumper in the gap it had made. The car behind it began to honk furiously, however, Marvin just took it in stride along with the rest of the honking that was happening around him.

A sudden burst of blue tinged energy began to spread out spherically in the sky, another showed up at another point in the sky further away. The energy kept spreading outwards, and at some point, a strange flying creature appeared in the sky a fair distance away.

The energy passed over where Marvin was, and when he looked to his right he saw three wolves that were bigger than his taxi! He stared at them in disbelief, as they turned to the car he cut off and snarled. One of them pawed at the vehicle, as another tore off the top of the vehicle with its jaws. The wolves began fighting as the woman inside began screaming, finally one of them lunged at her and threw her upwards, catching her in its mouth and biting down, cutting her in half.

The passenger in Marvin's taxi began screaming and opened the car door to run, but five small green creatures hopped down the street behind them. They almost looked like children, except for their long pointed ears and sharp teeth. They came up behind the passenger and jumped onto them, pulling their hair and hitting them with crude weapons like daggers and cudgels.

Marvin looked around and saw that these monsters were preoccupied, so he opened his door and ran towards a nearby manhole. He struggled as he clawed at the grate, and a crack was heard as he dislocated one of his fingers, however the adrenaline kept him from feeling it as much. Marvin threw himself down into the sewer as soon as it was opened.

Marvin went to get up off the ground, looking around as he did; his eyes were still adjusting to the light, but he could see water flowing and garbage stuck to the sides. He looked down the tunnel and saw a small figure, however, as the figure moved and stood up from a crouch, he realized it was quite large. It was only silhouetted in the half light, but he could see it raise something above its head with both hands as it approached. As it came closer, he could see that what it had in its hands was a large ax, and his skin seemed to be green. The creature looked like a big, green muscular human with small tusks in bottom his teeth, these teeth were gritted together as it gave a war cry, bringing its ax down as it did.

A scream could be heard from the open sewer grate, and was immediately cut off by the sound of a slice.

T.S. Eliot was wrong, the world didn't end with a whimper. It ended with the Cataclysm.


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